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Royal Lilly Cards© is a family business run by mother and son. We are so excited to be doing what we love and to be doing it together!
The images on our cards are reproductions of Nova Czarnecki’s oil paintings which she does in her home studio.
Nova’s paintings typically feature the human form and its relationship to Nature. The original paintings are for sale at novaczarnecki.com.
The website also features reproductions of black and white photographs by Roy Czarnecki using a special technique which involves overlapping negatives in the development process.
These photographs are developed by hand in Roy’s home darkroom and also focus on the human’s relationship with Nature.
All of the dogs featured in the cards are our own, and are photographed by Roy and Roy’s sister, Lilly Czarnecki.
We assure you the dogs are not overworked or undercompensated; in fact they are given room and board and the frequent snack.
Roy also writes the poetry and positive affirmations found within each card.


Our inspiration comes from a walk in the woods.
The beauty, the mystery, the spiritual energy, the breathtaking silence, the angelic song of the birds.
The final product is a sentiment you can hold in your hand, trickling down from the source of natural inspiration.
Special things in this world as well as feelings can be pushed aside and forgotten and we want to prevent that!
Let’s share what we feel with those we love while upholding the wonderful tradition of sending and receiving something real in the mail;
something that we can touch and hold, cherish and remember for a lifetime.


All Images and Text Nova Czarnecki 2011© and Roy Czarnecki 2011©